I took a week of vacation and redid the attic.

It’s the only thing we didn’t remodel when we bought the house.

A week later, we have all new insulation in the floor and roof of the storage area. We blew R30 above the bedrooms and kitchen.

The floor was only a thin 1/2 inch ply board. It bowed and cracked if you stepped between the studs. It has been replaced with 3/4 inch tongue and groove flooring.

There were old pieces of wall paneling on part of the ceiling. It’s all gone.

I built a large shelf above the heat/air unit for totes.

There’s plenty of organized room for everything.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to this week.

.99 Bowling Night Brings Out the Home Schoolers

You can pick them out.
Lots of super long hair and floor length denim.
They load up the juke box with songs that explain how their best friend was born in a manger.
Their screens all display names like Seth, Isaac, Timothy, Caleb, and the occasional Ester.

Honorable Mentions

Anything from The Cap’n except Oops All Berries
Cocoa Puffs
All the frosted mini wheat flavors
That Reeses stuff
Cocoa Pebbles
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cookie Crisp

On Cereals

Can we all agree that we’re collectively finished with Corn Flakes existing. That needs to go the way of cocaine in Coke and be something that used to happen. Or, at the very least start putting coke back in Coke. I can see an argument for plain Cheerios but no one is dumping a handful of Corn Flakes on their baby’s high chair tray.

What happened to toys in cereal? I don’t think my kids have ever opened a box from the bottom to get the toy sooner.

Why do they still put Chex in the cereal aisle? That shit should go over next to the pretzels and peanuts and other Chex mix stuff. Like anyone is like, “I can’t wait to get up in morning and fix a big bowl of Chex to kick my shit off right.”

The same goes for Rice Krispies. Put them bitches over by the mallow and cut the bullshit.

The best bowl of cereal: half Raisin Bran/half Honey Bunches of Oats (yellow box)


kaonicks asked: You need more posts 8)

I just don’t have much of anything interesting to share these days.

I mostly work and then drink beers on Friday. I post more on untapped than tumblr these days.

This week is an unmitigated disaster

I really like my job and am normally not one to complain but holy shit what a week.
Yesterday was a dumpster fire.
Today was a bum fight back lit by a dumpster fire.
Overtime tomorrow will be similar to a back alley abortion taking place behind the burnt out dumpster.

Sunday Stuff…

I dislike getting up early and going to work on Sunday.

I love being 25% through my week now.

Can we agree anything described as “atmospheric” is boring? I’m to the point of automatically skipping games or bands described as atmospheric.

My tumblr is sparse and atmospheric.

Lake day

Lake day