Bear trap snaps

Give me boners

You have to be careful so you don’t accidentally develop a fetish

I was going to fake kidnap a friend to get her out of a thing but then decided not to incase I liked it. You know…down there.

It’d end up all “Can you watch the kids cause we have a date…where I hunt the most dangerous game.”

Then before you know it Sodalite is hanging upside down from her ankle in a tree snare while I’m standing underneath rubbing my hands together trading a cut down for butt stuff.

Then she figures out to stay away from the pile of leaves under the tree and I have to start digging pits all over the yard.

Then she’s stuck down in the pits and I’m just jacking it on her before I let a rope down.

…all that because I tried to help a friend.

You may not know this…

but own like 30 pairs of Js. 8 ain’t even released yet.

A new study shows…

a massive overlap between groups of people that wear crocs, people that eat with their fingers while standing in buffet lines, and people that should fuck off and die.


We had a shitty beer rating tonight. I photo documented my results. This is terrible. Of importance, Bud Ice smells like pot and I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or sad about it.


Juarez does magic.


Juarez does magic.

The Verdict

That’s all kind of terrible. So much of it smells and tastes like nothing.

Top 3
1- Yuegling
2- Icehouse
3- Colt 45

What I can say for all that beer is that it’s cheap. I have a single bottle aging for next New Years that cost the same as all of those.



When I eat salsa I think of…

The time we were in California and I was adding hot sauce to the salsa every time my grandfather wasn’t looking.

He was sweating and saying how it was getting hotter at the bottom of the bowl.